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Bushyhead artist, Vince DiMaggio has been involved with music throughout his entire life, only recently taking a step away from the stage for his health journey. After 900+ performances as a bassist and vocalist for bands such as Chronic Narcosis, South of the Soul, Greaterthanhatred, URN and for a number of other heavy metal, spoken-word and comedic ventures, he took his extended break to lose 240 lbs as recovering from obesity became a priority after having two heart attacks at 403 lbs. Vince then went on to earn an AA Degree in Health and Fitness in order to be an example to those looking to escape the prison of obesity. The music that is Bushyhead is in honor to Vince's grandfather, his father-figure and friend.

Vince says, “This music is inspired by the last five years of my life as I have dealt with near-death, divorce, debt and disappointment. And here I am, still standing…still fighting. I have accomplished much and am wise enough to realize and embrace the fact that my story is not yet over. I have much still to do, but I am going to do it. My art is relative, meaning that my story is not uncommon: There are millions who battle their demons (drug addictions, family dysfunctions, betrayal, obesity, the damn economy, etc.) each day. I am one of many and this is how I am surviving.”